Water Use: Opportunities and Risks

Production losses, restrictive legislation or, reputational damage – these are just a few of the possible negative consequences that may arise from a lack of effective corporate water management, many of which could result in significant financial losses. With our professional water risk analysis, you can identify and circumvent these risks, thus securing successful long-term operations.

Analysis Helps to Avoid Risks

Determining potential water risks is a complex process, because:

  • Water is an important resource as well as a potential pollutant. Any risk assessment therefore involves both the question of the quantity and the quality of water in a given location.

  • Water as a resource is never exclusive – the consumption or pollution of existing water resources always affects other users.

  • Water must always be considered in a local context – a high level of consumption, which can be problematic in areas with water scarcity, may be largely harmless elsewhere.

Based on the results of the water footprint calculation, we support you to define the system boundaries for the analysis and identify potential risks. In addition, we can help you evaluate and use various recognized water risk tools including the Water Risk Filter, the Aqueduct-Tool or the Global Water Tool, which can be adapted to reflect your individual business conditions before conducting a deeper analysis.

Wasser kann sowohl wichtige Ressource (Trinkwasser) als auch potenzieller Schadstoff (Abwasser) sein. Bei der Risikoermittlung geht es deshalb sowohl um die Frage der Quantität als auch um die Qualität.

Wasser ist als Ressource niemals exklusiv – der Verbrauch oder die Verschmutzung vorhandener Wasserreserven hat immer Auswirkungen auf andere Nutzer.

Wasser muss immer im individuellen und lokalem Kontext betrachtet werden – ein hoher Verbrauch, der in Gebieten mit Wasserknappheit durchaus problematisch sein kann, ist anderswo möglicherweise weitgehend unbedenklich.

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