Benefits for People and Environment

Alongside reducing carbon emissions, our projects also have a direct positive impact on people and the environment. For example, forestry projects don’t just contribute to protecting the atmosphere, but also protects the habitats of rare animals and secures water supply for locals. Another is the use of efficient cookstoves and biogas tanks in Least Developed Countries improves the air in cooking areas and reduces the demand for fuel for cooking. For women, time for looking after children and other higher quality activities is also generated. Furthermore, renewable energies generate employment opportunities and avoid the release of greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants.

Co-benefits in the Spotlight

Our climate protection projects are always development projects that contribute towards the UN-defined global development goals (Sustainable Development Goals). Climate protection and development work are the projects which are inseparably intertwined: whilst the co-benefits of a climate project are additional, the overriding importance – and often the real reason for implementation – is that the revenue from voluntary climate compensation provides the financial basis for implementing the project.

Therefore, the co-benefits are an important quality feature and helps with choosing projects, which best fit to your business ideas and sustainability targets. Therefore, we provide an overview of all the co-benefits associated with all the projects which we offer to you. The co-benefits are based on the following categories:

Active against greenhouse gas emissions

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