Services to enable public climate action

Following the Paris Agreement in December 2015, climate policy has moved back up to the top of the global agenda. The need for global public climate action is widely recognized. The Paris Agreement sets ambitious goals for countries around the world and creates a policy framework for their implementation and further development. At this point, the following challenges are taking center stage:

  • Establishing appropriate climate policy instruments at the national level
  • Securing and leveraging climate finance
  • Identifying and implementing appropriate measures for emissions mitigation and adaptation to climate change

First Climate has long-standing experience in providing strategic consulting for public climate action and operational support to authorities on climate topics. We can support in technical analyses, financial analyses, policy topics and institutional capacity building.

Climate policy: more present than ever before

We advise public policy makers at all levels with respect to the design of suitable instruments for emissions trading, incentives and funding mechanisms as well as the evaluation of their impacts.

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Climate finance

Climate finance is used to fund climate change mitigation and adaptation measures. Our specialists advise public agencies and investors in the design, implementation and evaluation of financing options. We also support recipient countries in accessing climate finance.

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Low-emission development plans

Under the Paris Agreement, each signatory country is required to submit a national plan for reducing emissions, known as the “Nationally Determined Contribution” (NDC). We support the relevant government agencies in developing these plans. This includes the design and implementation of sector-specific measures, called NAMAs. We also help you keeping track of other parties’ activities and commitments.

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