Net Zero 2050

Climate science has made it clear that reducing carbon emissions alone will no longer be sufficient to reach the Paris Agreement’s climate targets. Join an ever-growing number of companies and local governments that have decided to take climate action one step further by committing to achieve Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2050 or earlier.

Now is the time to set out on a bold decarbonization pathway and to take the lead on climate change mitigation. First Climate is here for you to help turning ambition into action. We offer expert services to guide you on your journey to Net Zero and enable you to manage GHG emissions effectively. Start your Net-Zero journey today!


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Net Zero

Solutions for decarbonizing swiftly and boldly

Your journey to Net Zero:

Five steps to set up and achieve your climate goals

Step 1: Capacity Building & Strategy

Start your journey to Net Zero by understanding your environmental impact and the sources of your emissions.

Our Services:

  • Environmental impact & climate risk assessment

  • Net-Zero workshops

Step 2: Target Setting & Quantification

Setting a science-based target will help you align your climate strategy with the 1.5° C Paris Climate Agreement goal. This is mandatory for all companies committing to reach a state of Net Zero.

Our Services:

Step 3: Implementation & Reduction

Cutting GHG emissions within and beyond your value chain is at the core of every Net-Zero strategy. Value chain emissions need to be abated along a pathway that is consistent with the ambition of the Paris Agreement.

Our Services:

  • Planning & evaluating internal reductions (scope 1)

  • Supply chain analysis (scope 3)

Step 4: Compensation & Neutralization

The next step is neutralizing your residual emissions. Compensation and neutralization of emissions is accomplished through supporting carbon reduction and removal projects.

Step 5: Reporting & Communication

Consider combining your Net-Zero approach with an emission reduction strategy for immediate effect and demonstrate your impact by reporting to external parties such as CDP.

Our Services:

Why work with us?

With 20+ years of experience and over 500 diverse clients, First Climate is a leading service and solutions provider in carbon emission reductions and green energy procurement. We assist private and public sector organizations in achieving their climate and sustainability objectives. As an accredited CDP service provider and Science Based Targets partner, First Climate offers turnkey solutions for every stage of the Net-Zero process.

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