New private sector Taskforce aims to help meet Climate Goals

How can the supply of high-quality carbon offsets be secured in the face of a demand that is expected to increase rapidly over the coming years? This is one of the key questions that shall be answered by a new private sector Taskforce initiated by UN Special Envoy for Climate Action, Mark Carney.

The Taskforce is made up of prestigious representatives from more than 40 corporates and organizations in a range of sectors, including project developers and suppliers, buyers, financial institutions, and market infrastructure providers. First Climate is proud to be an invited member of the Taskforce and is excited about the opportunity to contribute to the development of the Voluntary Carbon Market in this way.

As an increasing number of companies commit to reducing emissions and investors demand clear, credible transition plans, the voluntary carbon market is set to become one of the key instruments for the achievement of net zero and net negative goals. It is therefore vital that the market be adapted in a way that allows it to be scaled up parallel to the increasing demand. This is where the new Taskforce comes into play; it aims to help catalyze this development and to scale up the market to secure supply.

Taskforce logo

A blueprint for the climate goals

In the coming months, the Taskforce will take stock of the existing voluntary carbon market and the efforts to grow it, whilst identifying key challenges and impediments, building consensus on how best to scale up voluntary carbon markets and finally, presenting a blueprint of actionable solutions. First Climate will be represented in the Taskforce by CEO Jochen Gassner.

“I am pleased that experts from across the financial system, as well as buyers and sellers of offsets, will come together to create a blueprint for such a market. This collaboration could make an enormous contribution to supporting the whole economy transition required to achieve the climate goals that our society demands and that future generations deserve.”, said Mark Carney at the launch of the Taskforce.

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