Additional revenue streams from carbon credit projects

By registering an emission reduction project with a renowned carbon certificate standard, project owners generate revenue through the sale of carbon credits. Relevant standards are, for example, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Gold Standard.


Professional support, from the idea to the sale of carbon credits

First Climate accompanies you with climate protection projects. We support you starting with the development of a project concept, through analyses and assessments, registration with the desired carbon credit standard, as well as with the monitoring, verification and issuance of the carbon credits

Our services include the following activities:

  • Identifying greenhouse gas emission reduction opportunities
  • Developing the project outline (Project Idea Note, PIN)
  • Preparing the Project Design Document (PDD), including:
    • Reference scenario (baseline)
    • Calculation of emission reductions
    • Demonstration of additionality
    • Investment analysis
    • Stakeholder consultation
    • Monitoring plan
  • Accompanying the project through validation and registration
  • Monitoring of emissions reductions
  • Supporting independent verification and issuance of carbon credits
  • Marketing of carbon credits


International Projects

First Climate has extensive experience in the development of international emission reduction projects. We work with a wide network of specialized partners and maintain excellent relationships with the national environment ministries in several countries.


Successful emission reduction projects in Switzerland

In Switzerland, First Climate has initiated a variety of innovative emission reduction projects and supported them through final approval by the Federal Office for the Environment. The spectrum of technologies implemented includes, among others, methane avoidance in landfills, replacement of SF6 as protective gas, as well as elimination of nitrous oxide in sludge incinerators. First Climate is also accredited by the Federal Office for the Environment for the validation and verification of such projects.


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