From Natural Gas to Climate Neutral Gas

Besides electricity consumption, the combustion of natural gas is, for most companies, another major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Climate Neutral Gas by First Climate is the simplest and most efficient way to switch to a carbon neutral gas supply.

What is it?

Natural gas is one of the cleanest forms of fossil fuels. However, its extraction, transportation and combustion all release CO2. Private as well as corporate consumers can use our gas to offset their unavoidable emissions resulting from the combustion of natural gas within their heating systems. To compensate for natural gas emissions, First Climate offers a broad selection of high-quality emission reduction projects to match any preferences regarding technology or location.

Our Climate Neutral Gas is available both as a retail solution for energy suppliers and municipal utilities and as a green energy product for businesses and organizations.

What are the benefits?

By offering or procuring Climate Neutral Gas, energy suppliers and businesses can make a vital contribution towards climate protection while at the same time broadening their product offerings and increasing their target audience.