First Climate will now be supporting the underwater photographer, Claudia Peyer, further into the future. Up until now, the company had been in a sponsoring agreement with the photographer from Winterthur, Switzerland, since 2016 and has extended this agreement for another two years until 2020. As part of the sponsorship, First Climate offsets the emissions released in Claudia’s diving trips and thus enables the committed artist to work climate neutrally.

“My trips often take me to remote and far-removed diving areas, mainly in the Asian-Pacific area” explains Claudia Peyer, who has been capturing unique images of underwater landscapes with professional equipment since 2008 and has artistically documented this hidden world with impressive photos. Her pictures depict in ever changing manners the beauty found in coral reefs and the complex marine ecosystems. “I see nature as an artist and I’m always learning during my dives how fragile and in need of protection it is. That is why protecting nature has always held a particular place in my heart,” says Claudia. “I am therefore very grateful for First Climate’s support, which has enabled me to minimize my carbon footprint and compensate for the carbon emissions which are inevitably caused by my flights and work assignments.”

Threatened Marine Worlds

Through her trips, Claudia Peyer always experiences first-hand how vital it is to intensify efforts in environmental and climate protection. Many areas, which but a few years ago were home to a diverse flora and fauna, are today little more than barren underwater wastelands. Increasing water temperatures, acidification of water, overfishing and mass tourism – which pollutes the oceans with rubbish and untreated sewage – have permanently damaged coral reefs all over the world. “Despite all of this, nature always proves its strength and ability to regrow, if we could only give it the chance to do so,” Claudia explains. She regularly uses her exhibitions, such as at Foto Schweiz or in the Marine Museum in Kreuzlingen, to promote the sustainable and conscious use of natural resources and to highlight the importance of environmental conservation.

Combined Commitment to Climate and Environmental Protection

“Claudia Peyer has found a channel through her photography with which she can reach many people, and bring them face to face with the importance of environmental protection and the constant threat of climate change to the most remote areas of the world,” explains Urs Brodmann, Managing Director of First Climate (Switzerland) AG. “Increasing climate and environmental protection – that is the notion that First Climate also pursues and therefore we are happy to support Claudia with her work further into the future,” says Brodmann.

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