Olaf Bachert, chairman of the supervisory board for First Climate Markets AG, thanks Dr. Sascha Lafeld for his dedication and his long-running successful work as CEO of the company.

Dr. Jochen Gassner considers that his most important task in the new position as CEO is to continue on the path already taken and to further diversify First Climate’s product and service offerings. The future setting will be a changing market situation with the upcoming expiry of the Kyoto Protocol come 2021. “Through our business activities in recent years, First Climate has been instrumental in making market-based voluntary carbon offsetting and reduction measures a widely accepted and recognized part of today’s corporate climate engagement. My goal is to further strengthen our company’s status as a leading provider of climate and resource protection solutions in the upcoming phases of strong market dynamics. We will support our clients further under the normative regulations of the Paris Agreement post-2020 with the best available solutions and services so that they can achieve their sustainability and climate protection goals”, says Gassner.