First Climate is now an exclusive collaboration partner with BioCarbon Partners (BCP), one of the most prestigious developers of REDD+ projects in Africa. Through this collaboration, the two companies are joining forces to take on the conservation of unique forests in the form of two outstanding REDD+ projects in Zambia, thus protecting some of the most diverse natural habitats in the world.

With its work in Zambia, BCP contributes to the development of a continuous green band, stretching from east to west across the entire country. With the two large-scale conservation projects, the Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project and the Luangwa Community Forests REDD+ Project, BCP aims to close existing gaps between the various nature reserves that already exist. Within the partnership with BCP, First Climate takes care of the distribution and marketing of offsets from the projects, thus supporting and enabling their further development. The Luangwa Community Forests REDD+ Project in particular has great potential and is planned to expand to be one of the biggest REDD+ projects in the world.

Forest protection in the Zambezi and Luangwa river valleys

The mid-term goal of the two projects is to establish a world-class, trans-frontier conservation area, which stretches from the Nyika National Park in Malawi to the Mana Pools National Park along the borders of Mozambique and Zimbabwe. In both its conservation areas, the BCP team is working in close collaboration with locals in the project area to take action in the fight against poverty, which is one of the major causes of deforestation in Zambia. Many inhabitants within the project regions are forced to cut down trees for firewood or to clear forest areas for agricultural land. Through the establishment of a sustainable economy, the continuous deforestation will be stopped and the unique natural habitats of Zambia conserved. Together, the Lower Zambezi REDD+ Project and the first phase of the Luangwa Community Forests REDD+ Project already protect an area of around 800,000 hectares of native woodland.

Investing in climate protection and acting upon market developments

“With around 25% of total greenhouse gas emissions being related to deforestation and changes of land-use practices, we see a rising pressure to stop these developments and accordingly an increasing demand for high-quality REDD+ projects within the market”, explains First Climate executive board member, Jochen Gassner. The collaboration with BioCarbon Partners provides First Climate with the opportunity to support their important work in Zambia and thus actively involve itself in conservation efforts in Africa. Furthermore, it also enables First Climate to put itself in a good position for successfully facing future challenges in the carbon market.

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