A global effort to mitigate climate impacts in the cement sector

Over the last 20 years, worldwide production of cement has increased almost three-fold –driven primarily by infrastructure demand in emerging economies. While responsible for 5% of global CO2 emissions, this growing industry has been voluntarily taking charge of addressing the climate impact of its activities. The Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) provides a globally recognized framework for addressing carbon mitigation and sustainability in this sector.

Cement CO2 and Energy Protocol

Launched in 1999, the CSI is a voluntary business initiative operating under the auspices of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). Cement manufacturers around the globe sign on to provide their stakeholders with transparency into their climate impacts and to demonstrate leadership in sustainable development. These leading organizations commit, among others, to reporting annually on CO2 emissions and on progress towards climate mitigation targets.

For this purpose, the CSI has developed tools and guidelines for accounting carbon emissions in the cement manufacturing sector. The “Cement CO2 and Energy Protocol: CO2 and Energy Accounting and Reporting Standard for the Cement Industry” is a freely available resource and provides a comprehensive methodological framework for calculating all direct and indirect emissions associated with the production of cement. Adopted by compliance mechanisms (EU Emissions Trading System, US EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program) as well as by businesses, the Protocol is recognized as the globally leading standard for monitoring and reporting of CO2 emissions in the cement sector.

First Climate: Longstanding partner for advisory oncarbon accounting and mitigation in the cement sector

In close cooperation with founding members of the Cement Sustainability Initiative, First Climate lead-authored the first and second edition of the Cement CO2 Protocol – including calculation tools and user guides – and has been active in the sector ever since.

Based on this Protocol, First Climate supported the Swiss cement industry in the development of detailed guidelines for monitoring and reporting of CO2 emissions. In addition, First Climate also contributed to developing tools for the cement sector in the Asia-Pacific region and to data collection processes for benchmarking CO2 emission of leading cement manufacturers.


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