Added Value Through Climate-Neutrality

Does your company offer high quality products or services? Are you looking for the opportunity to further increase the attractiveness of your offers and stand out against your competitors? Then from now on, produce climate-neutral products and satisfy your customers with your environmental commitment.

Whether it is print products, clothing lines, food, technical equipment or financial services, with the support of First Climate it is possible to make all products and services climate-neutral. This will generate an added value for your offers.

Climate-Neutral Products with First Climate

With First Climate’s solutions, companies can offset the emissions that are produced through the production, use and disposal or recycling of their products. The result of this is a climate-neutral product. Just as a company is made climate-neutral, the process of making a product climate-neutral is divided into three steps:

Step 1

Step one requires an analysis of the baseline scenario in respect to the product's carbon footprint; an extensive reporting procedure of the carbon emissions which are caused by the product or services. The analysis incorporates the entire supply chain and thus factors in the carbon emissions which are produced outside of your own company. The result is an exact image of the quantities and sources of the carbon emissions that are attributed to your product or services. This detailed carbon footprint provides the basis for the following steps on the way to producing a climate-neutral product. As a matter of course, we document the results of this analysis in a detailed report.

Step 2

Based on the results of the analysis, step two involves our experts examining and exploring all the possibillities  to exploit efficiency potential within the production process. When it comes to energy efficiency, you can trust our expertise. We support you in setting realistic emission reduction targets, developing measures to meet these targets and implementing these reduction strategies.

Step 3

When it comes to balancing the remaining, unavoidable emissions to create a climate-neutral product, we use step three to find or develop tailor-made climate protection projects which are best-fitting to your requirements to match your environmental commitment.

For effective communication, we produce a First Climate ‘Climate-Neutral Label’ for you after the balancing of the product-related carbon emissions and we support you in appropriately and effectively communicating your commitment to your stakeholders. This allows you to convince them with maximum transparency.

As an experienced partner, let First Climate take care of carbon offsetting and use the benefits of our Carbon-Neutral Product package as a unique selling point, attracting new clients and ensuring long-term affiliations with pre-existing and environmentally-concerned clients. We happily show you what options for climate compensation are available to you. Come and talk to us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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