Organizing climate-friendly events

Whether it is an annual meeting, attendance at a fair or a hosting a workshop, events go hand in hand with the release of greenhouse gase emissions. Among other things, typical emission sources are fuel used in the transportation of guests, the energy cost of preparing complimentary meals, or the material requirements for printing brochures and posters.

Event organizers and companies wishing to commit to climate and environmental protection within their events, have various opportunities to limit the event’s carbon footprint by using efficiency-improving measures. If you are interested in hosting a climate-neutral event with a balanced carbon footprint, then First Climate is here to support you and, of course, your partners in taking the next step.

Be Smart – Avoid Emissions

Through careful planning, you can work towards a low-carbon event from the very beginning – for example, by cooperating with regional service providers, or by purchasing seasonal products with short travel distances for the catering. Yet, even with the most elaborate advanced planning, it still wouldn’t be possible to lower the carbon emissions of the event to zero. To really make an event climate-neutral, the remaining emissions must then be calculated and then offset through well-suited climate-protection methods. First Climate has long been a reliable partner for implementing climate-neutral events of all kinds and offers all the necessary services from a single source; from the emission calculation and efficiency consulting, to the compensation of greenhouse gas emissions with suitable climate protection projects, we can help. First Climate has used its services to offset the greenhouse emissions of events including the Men’s Football World Cup in 2006, the Women’s Football World Cup in 2011 and the London Olympic Games in 2012.

Climate-Neutral Events with Climate Protection Projects

The choice of suitable climate protection projects plays a big role in compensating for carbon emissions since a climate-neutral event can only gain its maximal benefit with the right projects – ecologically, socially and also in terms of the possible advantages for the company image.  Through our experience and well-established market presence, we have built an extensive portfolio of carbon certificates and can recommend fitting climate protection projects for every event. All our climate protection projects are 100% additional and would not have been possible without your contribution; each project is certified annually by independent verifiers such as TÜV.

With climate-neutral events, commitment to sustainable climate protection can be communicated. We confirm this for you with a climate-neutral label, which attracts and create long-term affiliations with environmentally conscious customers. First Climate supports you with the arrangement of climate-neutral events – come and talk to us.

Our Solution for a Climate-Neutral Event Attendance

With our Green Ticketing Solution, you enable your guests to make their event attendance climate neutral right from the point of purchase – an emission-free event at the press of a button.

Transport is among the biggest sources of greenhouse gases for any event. The release of carbon emissions through various travel routes of attendees is a particular instance of this. The problem being that guests travel independently by train or plane, giving event organizers little opportunity to control or reduce the resulting carbon emissions.

Green Ticketing – climate-neutral at the press of a button

Through Green Ticket, ticket purchasers get the opportunity, right from the point of order, to make their trip to an event climate neutral and to offset their greenhouse emissions. Simply integrate the First Climate Green Ticketing Module into the order process and give customers the chance to contribute to climate protection. First Climate takes care of offsetting the resulting emissions with the help of previously determined international climate protection projects. It is possible for each event to have a unique project that best suits your company and your event.

The collection of the resulting greenhouse gas emissions can be carried out either by an individually-tailored emissions calculator, which can be integrated into a website, or can be based on standard averages. In this case, no additional data is needed so that the ordering process remains as easy and comfortable as before.

“Environmental management for events and tours will become a standard”

Grren Ticketing: First Climate-Kooperationspartner Stefan Lohmann im Interview mit der Huffington Post

Sustainability and Green Ticketing are important trends within the entertainment sector, according to Stefan Lohmann. The talent buyer and artist relations manager from Hamburg works closely with First Climate and, among other things, is working in cooperation with the Sustainable Event Solutions network, to organize more climate-neutral and sustainable events in the future through Green Ticketing. In an interview with online newspaper, Huffington Post, Stefan Lohmann reports on his methods and targets.


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