Reducing and offsetting carbon emissions

Every company inevitably produces greenhouse gas emissions through business activities. The use of energy and materials in production and events, business travel or employee commutes are typical sources of carbon dioxide which can be found in a business economy. Among medium-sized companies alone, emissions from business activities can quickly add up to hundreds of tons a year.

The release of greenhouse gases can be actively reduced through efficiency-increasing measures; they cannot be completely prevented however without a disproportionate amount of effort. First Climate offers you the solution with which you can actively contribute to climate protection. With our carbon offset offers, your company can too become a climate-neutral company.


What is a climate-neutral company

As a climate-neutral company, you show commitment to sustainable climate protection. Through this, you can attract and create long-term affiliations with environmentally concerned stakeholders. Less carbon emissions therefore mean more business success. 

Showing committment to leadership in environmental protection and climate change mitigation is not only an investment in your company’s future development, but can also help you meet your stakeholder’s expectations.

The three steps to becoming a climate-neutral company:

Step 1

The first step involves creating the most accurate picture possible of the current situation, and identifying the ‘hot-spot’ processes and the quantity of emissions that are being produced in your company supply chain. Then, based on an in-depth analysis, our experts calculate your company's carbon footprint. This is not only the foundation needed for the next steps, it also enables you to define climate protection targets and realize potential energy consumption savings.

Step 2

Not all emissions are unavoidable. The most effective and efficient way to be more climate-friendly is often found in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from your company. Therefore, the second step is based around developing and implementing measures to be more climate efficient. Holding video conference calls to avoid business travel, switching to public transport and other measures can often create significant potential savings. First Climate develops tailor-made concepts for you to optimize your carbon efficiency whilst, of course, upholding your business interests.

Step 3

The final step involves compensation for the unavoidable emissions which, despite all the energy-efficiency measures taken, are still produced through day to day business. Your company is considered climate-neutral when all the unavoidable emissions have been compensated for through high-quality emission reduction certificates. We help you to choose suitable climate protection projects, that fit best to your company. Of course, it is also possible to initially just make a specific part of the business climate-neutral, such as vehicle fleet management or travel activities.

Within our offer carbon neutrality we do not just support you with the footprinting, reducing and offsetting of your carbon emissions through well-suited projects. We are also your partner when it comes to communicating your commitment and making it known. Following the neutralization of your carbon emissions, we provide, among other things, a First Climate ‘Climate Neutral’ label which enables you to document your commitment as a climate neutral company.

Whatever your goals and requirements in climate protection are, First Climate offers you a professional assistance and tailor-made services from a single source. We look forward to helping you achieve your climate goals.

Was ist ein klimaneutrales Unternehmen?

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Nicht alle Klimaschutzprojekte erfüllen die speziellen Anforderungen, die die kolumbianische Regierung zur Vermeidung der CO2-bedingten Steuerabgaben vorschreibt.

Für die Auswahl qualifizierter Projekte und die Beschaffung der benötigten Menge an C02-Zertifikaten zum Bestpreis braucht es erfahrene und kompetente Partner.

First Climate, CarbonBW und Ure Ingenieria Ltda.
haben sich zusammengeschlossen, um betroffene
Unternehmen bei der Beschaffung der CO2-Zertifikate zu unterstützen.

The many reasons to become a climate-neutral company

Customers today demand climate-friendly products and services, investors analyze the climate risks in their portfolios and increasingly more employees prefer a socially and ecologically committed employer. Therefore, companies have many reasons to commit themselves to climate protection:

  • to show an ecological awareness
  • to contribute to a good reputation
  • to strengthen your position among competitors

Climate protection and success within the market go hand in hand, and with our climate-neutral services for companies, we bring them together. First Climate supports you with tailor-made offers and fresh ideas which tap into the potential economic potential of responsible business.




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