Business success through sustainability

Why companies should get involved in climate protection

Customers today want climate neutral products and services, investors analyze climate risks within their portfolios and employees prefer employers that are committed to social and environmental issues. Therefore, there are several good reasons for companies to engage in climate protection:

Market success and climate protection go hand in hand and, with our climate neutral services, we combine the two. First Climate supports you with tailor-made offers and fresh ideas, which get the best economic potential out of the responsible corporate activities.

Climate Neutral Companies

Every company inevitably produces greenhouse gas emissions through business activities. The energy and material usage in production and administration, business trips or the commute of employees are typical sources of CO2, which arise within all businesses.

As a carbon neutral company, you demonstrate a commitment to climate protection. You’ll win the support of environmentally conscious stakeholders and secure their long-term loyalty. Reducing carbon emissions means more business success.

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Climate Neutral Events

Whether it is an annual general meeting, attending a fair or hosting a workshop, company events contribute to greenhouse gases. Typical emission sources include the use of fossil fuels for visitors’ journeys, energy expenditure in preparing meals or printing brochures and posters.

Event organizers and companies that would like to engage with climate and environmental protection have multiple possibilities to balance the carbon footprint of their events. First Climate will support you and, of course, your partners in taking the next steps towards hosting climate neutral events.

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Climate Neutral Products

Does your company offer high-quality products or services? Are you looking for new ways to distinguish your firm and your products from your competitors? Then produce a climate neutral product and assure your customers of your environmental commitment!

Whether it is printing products, a clothing line, food, technology or financial services – with the support of First Climate, you can fundamentally produce and deliver climate-friendly products and services.

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