Developing new climate protection projects

First Climate has over 15 years of experience in the development of Natural Climate Solution projects and has, within this time, enabled numerous well-known international companies to implement their own climate protection goals through the demand-based generation of emission reductions from their own projects.

We offer all relevant services as a one-stop-shop solution; from strategy development for detailed project planing, right up to the implementation of your own forestry projects.

Benefits from Natural Climate Solution projects

Carbon sink projects play an important role in meeting the 1.5°C target set by the Paris Agreement. In the mid to long-term, additional carbon sinks will therefore have to be created and developed to a considerable extent through projects such as reforestation measures.

Participating in project development or taking the initiative in the implementation of a natural carbon sink project can be an attractive possibility for companies to contribute towards reaching their own climate goals.

Companies can achieve a high level of involvement when developing their own projects, which can significantly increase the credibility of their climate commitments. By developing your own project, you can be precise in the control and adaptation of project activities to best fit your own priorities in your sustainability strategy.


Overcoming development risks

Due to the complexity and long development cycles commonly associated with natural carbon sink projects, development risks are always a possibility; especially in the case of afforestation projects where processes are often more elaborate and are often tied to long lead times. Consequently, emission reductions can only be generated once the trees have grown to a particular size, allowing for the biomass to be measured.

Companies that are planning to develop their own natural climate solution project should therefore be careful in their choice of partner and should choose a project developer with a credible background of experience.

Reference: Project development in partnership with Novartis

Santo Domingo: Afforestation of pasture lands in Argentina

Minimising the carbon footprint is an important part of the Novartis’ sustainability strategy. The company uses internal energy efficiency measures and renewable energy in combination with external carbon offsetting measures. Novartis relies on developing its own climate protection projects, such as the reforestation of former pasture lands as part of the Santo Domingo project in Argentina, which they implemented in partnership with First Climate.

Number of trees: 3 Million
Area: 2,445 Hectares
Project start: 2007
The first commercial reforestation project using various native species in Argentina.

As the responsible project partner, First Climate took on the complete development of the carbon cycle on behalf of Novartis from 2007 up until today. This includes project documentation, the provision of calculation baselines and support through the validation and registration processes with the UNFCCC. In addition to this, First Climate also took on the monitoring and generation of certified emission reductions (CERs) on behalf of Novartis. Until now the project has sequestered around 500,000t CO2.

Experts in developing carbon sink projects

For over 15 years, First Climate has supported companies in the development of natural climate solution projects. We offer all necessary services from a single hand and are therefore your central partner for the conception and implementation of your own natural carbon sink project. With our extensive experience and our international network of specialists, we can provide you with the highest level of reliability for the implementation of your own project ideas – regardless of the project type or location.

One of the things First Climate has most recently developed is a globally unique program for the distribution of climate-friendly fertilizers as well as a project for the production and distribution of biochar in Switzerland. These are among the few projects in Western Europe that offer emission reductions for the voluntary carbon offset market.

We would be more than happy to develop a personal project concept with you, simply get in touch with our experts.