Climate protection by using existing projects

First Climate is your partner for implementing a climate-neutral strategy. We support you in achieving your climate goals and deliver emission reduction certificates from natural climate solution projects on a demand basis.

Efficient and effective – procuring emission reductions from natural climate solution projects

If the goals set in the Paris Agreement are going to be achieved, more methods will need to be used in future to enable active carbon removal from the atmosphere. In the mid to long-term, these carbon sink projects will gain increasing importance for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions and equally important will be the new development and timely realization of these projects.

Companies that have set the goal of becoming climate neutral can already invest in existing projects through First Climate and thus gain emission reduction certificates from natural climate solution projects.

An extensive portfolio for all your needs

First Climate boasts an international network of projects and an extensive portfolio of carbon sink projects within the market. These include afforestation projects and mangrove projects, which are effective in climate protection but also offer a range of benefits to the local communities and ecosystems.

Project example: Emission Reductions using Natural Climate Solutions

Mangrove Afforestation in Sumatra

Mangrove forests provide an effective barrier against flooding and are home to unique ecosystems of incredible biological value. Their contribution to climate protection is high, as mangroves are able to sequester a large amount of carbon during their growth phase. In the absence of oxygen, peat forms from organic material, which stores the carbon absorbed by the mangroves for a very long time.

Plantation: 18,000,000 native trees
Area: 5,000 Hectares 

In close collaboration with local villages, the project identifies areas that are well-suited to successful afforestation.