Green Energy Procurement

Many companies have developed ambitious sustainability targets and implemented elaborate strategies to reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions in their operations and their value chains. Depending on the scope of the relevant emissions, there are various market instruments available for a successful management of GHG emissions. For reducing a Scope 2 carbon footprint, a strategic approach to green energy procurement is crucial. With a broad range of advisory services and green energy solutions, First Climate is your partner for sourcing renewables and switching to green electricity.

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The challenge of compliant procurement

According to the GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidelines, contractual instruments for green energy must be sourced from the same market as the electricity footprint. For businesses with global operations and facilities in multiple countries, implementing green energy procurement processes can be challenging. Possible sourcing options include:

Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs)
We source unbundled renewable energy certificates to match your company‘s electricity consumption with green energy credits generated by facilities in the same region. Click >> here to find out more about sourcing Energy Attribute Certificates with First Climate.
Utility supplied green energy products (green tariffs)
In contrast to unbundled renewable energy certificates, green tariffs are a bundled product. They include both, the delivery of, for example, RECs or GoOs and the underlying electricity. Green tariffs are not available for all domestic markets, and you need to enquire with local utillities and electricity suppliers whether they can provide green tariffs.
Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
Power Purchase Agreements are long term contracts between the owner of a renewable energy project and a buyer. For project developers, PPAs provide certainty in revenue flow, which is often a significant barrier in developing a project. Buyers benefit from pre-determined electricity rates, access to local or remote projects, and the renewable energy attribute certificates (EACs) of the projects. Thus, Power Purchase Agreements offer an opportunity for your company to directly contribute to the development of a renewable energy project.
Self-generation models
Companies can directly invest in a renewable electricity generation asset on or near their own site. Alternatively, they can commission a third party to construct the asset. By building your own renewable energy generation capacity, businesses can produce both electricity and renewable energy certificates for their own consumption or for sale. Two options are available: On-site projects: Companies can install renewable energy facilities on or close to their premises. Depending on circumstances this model may even allow for by-passing a connection to the public grid. Off-site projects: Where site-level constraints like lack of available space prevent the installation of renewable energy facilities on-site, off-site installations at different locations are a viable alternative. So long as renewable resources exist, self-generation projects can be an attractive option for companies willing and able to invest in green energy procurement.

For developing a comprehensive corporate green energy procurement approach, all these instruments need to be evaluated by local availability, cost, complexity of procurement and individual preferences.

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Gaining leadership on green energy: The RE100 Initiative

The world’s most influential companies, committed to 100% renewable power.
RE 100 is one of the most prominent industry-led initiatives focused on climate change mitigation. It is comprised of leading international companies sharing the goal of “100% renewables”.

Expertise in green energy – First Climate advisory services

With long-standing experience in the carbon and green energy markets, First Climate is your partner for developing and implementing a 100% renewable energy strategy with global coverage that is in-line with CDP requirements and GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance.

We have a proven track record with more than 150 clients in the green energy sector. In Germany, we are the leading provider of green energy solutions for utilities. We support corporate clients across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the US to develop and implement optimized green energy procurement strategies.

First Climate helps you measure your Scope 2 footprint and assists you in develop and implement a tailored green energy procurement strategy in due considerations of your business environment, the local availability and your personal preferences.

We help you analyze the potential and viability of on- or off-site self-generation projects or power purchase agreements with independent operators of renewable energy generation facilities. First Climate can also harness strong business ties with renewable energy producers around the globe. This enables us to connect you to existing or projected green energy projects with the aim of closing advantageous power purchase agreements that help you achieve your green energy goals.

Providing sourcing options for EACs

First Climate offers a range of products – including Energy Attribute Certificates – to help you reduce your corporate Scope 2 footprint. For more information on our flexible green energy products click here.



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