Carbon offsetting and carbon insetting solutions

Not all emissions resulting from business operations can be avoided but all unavoidable emissions can be compensated for. For this endeavor, our climate protection projects are key.

We will help you identify your major scope 1, 2 and 3 emission sources, support you in reducing avoidable emissions and offer high-quality carbon offsetting and insetting solutions to compensate for your unavoidable emissions.

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsets can be used to compensate for all the emissions that are not related to electricity, i.e. Scope 1 and 3 emissions, and for Scope 2 emissions resulting from the consumption of heat, steam or cooling energy. With the relevant quality criteria being met, offsetting is an efficient option for companies to achieve their sustainability goals and it can also be an excellent tool for reaching out to your stakeholders.

Carbon offsets are a widely used market instrument for reducing a corporate carbon footprint. Based on the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol, carbon offsets are a possibility that allows to directly support individual climate protection projects all around the world. Since climate change is a global issue, it is possible to balance emissions, i.e. to compensate for emissions resulting from processes in a certain area by reducing or preventing emissions in another place.

With the help of the voluntary carbon market, private companies and organizations can invest in climate protection projects in other countries. Therefore, it is possible to generate economic incentives for project developers to set up emission reduction projects which would otherwise be infeasible to implement. This “additionality” to what would have happened in a baseline scenario is an essential precondition for projects to qualify as acknowledged climate protection projects.

In return for their support, investors get emission reduction certificates from the projects. These can be used to compensate for emissions caused by the investor’s own activities.

Your business is considered carbon neutral if all unavoidable emissions are offset by purchasing an equivalent volume of carbon offset credits from high-quality emission reduction projects.

First Climate’s Carbon Offsetting Services

First Climate sources emission reduction credits from a global portfolio of high quality climate protection projects. We have helped more than 500 organizations to voluntarily offset approximately 29,000,000 tonnes of CO₂ by supporting international carbon reduction projects. In addition to our offsetting-services, the First Climate Communications team assists you in reaching out to your stakeholders  with professional support and a broad range of marketing materials.

Our carbon offsetting services include:

Carbon Footprinting: We offer professional carbon footprint calculation services to help you understand and identify the sources of scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

Minimizing avoidable emissions: First Climate analyses and evaluates emissions reduction potentials and offers support in tapping these potentials

Strategy development: We offer professional advice to help you develop and implement a tailored offsetting concept

Structuring a VER portfolio: We showcase suitable high-quality climate protection projects and support you in finding projects that best fit your demand and preferences.

Risk Management: First Climate applies risk assessment tools and specific criteria to analyze the quality of individual projects.

Purchase and retirement of Credits: We source carbon offsets or carbon offsets portfolios from international climate protection projects and retire credits in all relevant registries worldwide.

Carbon insetting

While offsetting is about compensating for unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions by supporting external climate protection projects, insetting means implementing your own climate protection projects within your direct sphere of influence – i.e. within your own company or supply chain. With many years of experience in the development of CO2 reduction projects, First Climate develops tailor-made solutions for your individual emission reduction projects.

For example, First Climate developed and implemented a project to reforest the former pastureland on the Santo Domingo farm in Argentina on behalf of a customer. For companies that cooperate with smallholder farms, implementing energy efficiency projects – such as equipping households with efficient cooking stoves or decentralized biogas plants – is also an option within the insetting framework.

In addition to offsetting unavoidable CO2 emissions, insetting projects can help your company to secure supply of raw materials in a sustainable manner. A more efficient supply chain has a long-term competitive advantage in countries with a CO2-based tax model. Under these conditions, insetting projects are an active contribution to climate protection and an investment in the future success of your company.

First Climate’s Carbon Insetting Services
With well-established skills in project development, First Climate offers individual solutions and implement tailored insetting projects to meet any kind of demand. We will help you identify potential insetting options in your supply chain and assist you through all stages of implementing your individual insetting project – from methodology development to the issuance and retirements of your carbon credits.


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Dr. Jochen Gassner
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