Carbon Management: Less emissions, more business success

Improving Your Carbon Efficiency With First Climate

Emissions reductions are usually based on improved energy and resource efficiency, and therefore frequently result in net financial benefit. But where and how can efficiency measures best be applied? Which measures offer the most promising results? And how can cost-effectiveness be maximized?

First Climate supports your business with tailor-made solutions and fresh ideas for carbon management, carbon footprint assessments, analysis of emission reduction opportunities, and streamlined strategies to compensate for your business’s unpreventable carbon emissions.

Carbon footprinting at company and product level

An analysis of the baseline is a prerequisite for any attempt at improvement. This is also inherent to carbon emissions management: understanding your carbon footprint and the sources of your emissions is critical to taking appropriate and effective measures to reduce your emissions. A detailed carbon footprint taking into account emissions at the company or product level is an essential component of any effective sustainability strategy. First Climate supports you with professional carbon footprinting services in uncovering relevant emission sources in your company.

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Science Based Targets: Setting climate protection goals

Is your company committed to climate change mitigation and prepared to lead the way towards the transition to a low carbon economy? Making use of Science-based targets methodologies, among other cutting-edge initiatives, can help guide your corporate strategy. First Climate is here to help you develop and operationalize these targets specific to your business environment.

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Renewable Energy Procurement

Alongside the implementation of energy efficiency measures, the procurement of renewable energy is the most important option to reduce your power consumption carbon footprint. With a broad range of advisory services and green energy solutions, First Climate is your partner for sourcing renewables and switching to green electricity.

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Compensating for Scope 1 and 3 emissions

First Climate offers tailor-made solutions for effective corporate carbon management. We develop individual insetting projects in your supply chain and we source carbon offsets from external emissions reduction projects. Internationally recognized certification standards verify the quality and additionality of all climate protection projects developed or offered by First Climate.

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Reporting and Data Management

First Climate assists your company in sustainability reporting and helps you achieve the best possible results year after year. With individually developed IT tools we help you streamline and facilitate the disclosure of relevant data to CDP and others.

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