In the run-up to the international climate conference in Katowice, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development has launched the Alliance for Development and Climate. The aim of the initiative is to promote voluntary commitment to climate protection. Businesses and organizations should be supported in their efforts to reduce emissions and compensate for remaining emissions through carbon offsetting. First Climate is among the first companies to join the alliance.

At the presentation of the alliance in the parliament, German Development Minister Müller emphasized the responsibility industrialized nations have in the process of climate protection. “People in developing countries are hit hardest by climate change. That is why the industrialized countries have a special responsibility and must lead the way in international climate protection. That is exactly what we are doing with the ‘Alliance for Development and Climate’,” says Müller.

The initiative has set itself the goal of generating additional resources to tackle two of the greatest contemporary challenges of humanity: global warming and a lack of development in many areas of the world. The participants of the initiative are committed to the goal of avoiding or reducing the emission of greenhouse gases as far as possible. Unavoidable emissions shall be compensated for by supporting international climate protection projects. At the same time, the Alliance aims to facilitate emission reduction and carbon offsetting processes.

Voluntary carbon offsetting helps to raise funds and enable financial transfers to emerging and developing countries where climate protection projects can be implemented easily and more effectively than in industrialized countries. Besides reducing carbon emissions, these projects also have a direct positive impact on people and the environment and generate a variety of social, economic and environmental co-benefits. Thus, they support sustainable development in the project regions. First Climate CEO Jochen Gassner advocates for the Alliance’s approach: “Political climate protection measures alone will not be sufficient to achieve the 2° Celsius target of the Paris Agreement. That’s why we welcome the foundation of the Alliance for Development and Climate as an important step in promoting and facilitating private commitment to climate change mitigation.”

Current signatories to the Alliance for Development and Climate comprise several large companies, including Bosch, AEG, Deutsche Bank and Siemens. The initiative also welcomes private individuals as participants.