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Let's meet at Climate Week

September 17-24  | New York City 

Cut emissions, amplify impact. 

With over 900 clients globally and more than two decades of experience in the climate sector, First Climate gives your company the tools it needs to lead ambitious climate action.

From September 17-24, First Climate COO Mike Hatert, and Business Development Manager Maximilian Schlicher will be connecting with partners and clients in New York to discuss decarbonization best practices for companies. Mike will also exchange insights with other greenhouse gas emission reduction experts at the North American Climate Summit.

“America has endless opportunities for businesses to lead corporate climate action. Our door is wide open to businesses that recognize that opportunity and want to take ambitious action.”

-Mike Hatert, COO

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“Sustainability is no longer a want, but an expectation of companies. We can help them to understand and exceed those expectations.”

-Maximilian Schlicher, Business Development Manager for North America


First Climate will continue to update its clients on developments in North America and report on our insights from Climate Week. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to stay up to date.

Will you be in New York too? Let's talk climate impact. 


Are you in the United States? 

Maximilian Schlicher

Business Development Manager for North America

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