Climate Neutrality: Adding Value to your Business

Are you looking for new ways to distinguish your firm and your products from your competitive environment? Do you share your clients’ concerns for environmental quality and climate protection? Then offering climate neutral products is a unique and powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to the environment. Printing products, clothing, food, technical equipment, financial services; whatever your business, First Climate can help you switch to climate neutral production. We are experienced partners in carbon compensation, and can offer a broad range of services to enable your engagement.

Offering Climate Neutral Products

With First Climate, you can offset emissions generated by any part of your product’s lifecycle. This is accomplished through a three-step-process:

    • Step one requires an analysis of the baseline scenario: What is the climate impact of your product development or usage? The analysis can include the entire supply chain, or just a segment, depending on your goals and interests. You’ll be presented with a clear picture of the carbon emissions attributable to your product or service. First Climate will provide you with a detailed report of the findings.


    • Based on the results of the analysis, our experts subsequently examine how energy efficiency can be improved in the production process. We help you to establish realistic targets for reducing emissions, and develop strategies to help you achieve your targets. Improving your energy efficiency is not just good for the environment, it’s also a great way to cut costs and generate savings.


  • To compensate for the remaining unavoidable, greenhouse gas emissions, carbon offsets offer the best option for achieving climate neutrality. First Climate finds or develops climate protection projects that match your needs and expectations and highlight your commitment as environmentally conscious company.


Our Service for You

Once your emissions are neutralized, First Climate can offer high-quality marketing materials including the First Climate Carbon Neutral logo that help you to communicate effectively with your stakeholders about your carbon neutral engagement.

Go climate neutral now and get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.