Demonstrate Your Commitment

Event organizers know that the impact of an event is not limited to the people in attendance. Through media coverage and social networks, the message of the event can be spread to a much broader audience. Events are therefore invaluable opportunities to present your company on a public stage. By hosting a carbon neutral event, your company demonstrates commitment to preserving an intact and livable environment.

With First Climate you can offset the carbon emissions of any event – be it your shareholders’ meeting, a trade convention, a cultural show or a sports event. Our services include:

  • Guidance in organizing climate-friendly events
  • Calculating your events’ carbon footprint
  • Offsetting your emissions with verified climate protection projects


Be Smart – Avoid Emissions

Through careful planning, you can work towards a low-carbon event from the very start – for example by cooperating with regional service providers or by purchasing seasonal products with short travel distances for the catering. First Climate can help you to identify the most cost-effective strategies for improving efficiency, reducing waste, and limiting your carbon footprint.

Trace your carbon footprint. Even with the most elaborate advance planning it won’t be possible to put carbon emissions of your event to zero. If you plan to make your event a climate neutral event, it is therefore essential to know the amount of emissions caused by your event. First Climate can calculate the size of the carbon footprint based on your event’s characteristics. Ideally, your event’s carbon footprint is calculated even before the actual planning of your event starts, as this makes it possible to define a realistic and impactful climate protection target. We’ll be right there for you to help you with this task.

Offset your emissions. For your unavoidable emissions, you can compensate your event’s carbon footprint by supporting a climate protection project that reduces the same volume of greenhouse gases as generated by your event. These projects could be renewable energy projects, energy efficiency projects or forestry activities that are verified according to the highest quality standards (Gold Standard, VCS, Social Carbon and CCBS). With our experience and long-standing market presence, we are able to provide one of the most extensive project-portfolios in the market and recommend or develop a tailor-made offer. We stress that all of our carbon offset projects are 100 percent additional and could not be implemented without your contribution and support. Their quality is reviewed and confirmed annually by independent experts such as TÜV or Det Norske Veritas. You can find out more about our projects here>>.

Create Climate Neutral Events with First Climate

First Climate has long been a reliable partner for implementing climate-neutral events of all kinds and offers all the necessary services from a single source: from the emission calculation and efficiency consulting to the compensation of greenhouse gas emissions with suitable climate protection projects. Among others, First Climate has helped with its carbon offset services to compensate the greenhouse gas emissions of the Men’s Soccer World Cup in Germany 2006 and the Women’s World Cup 2011 as well as the London Olympic Games in 2012.

Of course, we know that events are often organized under considerable time pressure. We will therefore take care of the carbon side of things. This means professional support for your public relation activities; communicating your efforts is important, as it highlights your commitment to sustainability and climate protection. For this purpose you can take advantage of the comprehensive First Climate marketing package.

With First Climate at your side your staff can focus on the key aspect: making your event a complete success.

Ready to offset your event? Contact us and get started.