Green energy – the logical choice

For energy consumers and suppliers, long-term sustainability has become of utmost importance. Rapid technological change and targeted energy policy interventions have decisively shifted the energy landscape in favor of green energy and energy efficiency. First Climate is your reliable partner for green energy products and services.


Climate neutral gas

We use carbon neutral gas to offset unavoidable emissions resulting from the consumption of natural gas. First Climate pioneered an important shift in the energy market with the development of carbon neutral gas, and today we are one of the leading providers of turnkey solutions.

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Green electricity

Due to recent changes to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol – the global standard for carbon accounting – companies can now report emission reduction impacts stemming from the use of green electricity. With green electricity solutions, First Climate offers a flexible and simple solution to offset emissions using Guarantees of Origin (GoOs), International Renewable Energy Certificates (IRECs) and North American Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

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Wood energy solutions for heating

Suppliers and consumers of heat are facing regulatory pressure, rising costs associated with CO2 emissions, volatile energy prices and ambitious climate targets. First Climate’s comprehensive biomass energy solutions allow you to navigate these challenges, reduce your energy bill and improve the return on your real estate.

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LED lighting

Whether it is for office buildings, industrial facilities or sports complexes, First Climate’s customers benefit from our innovative, customized lighting solution based on LED technology. Replacing incumbent lighting technologies with LEDs will help you save energy, reduce operating costs, improve lighting quality, and advance climate protection.

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