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Mission moor: First Climate’s team visit to the Bergwaldprojekt

This summer marks the second year of collaboration between First Climate and the nature protection organization Bergwaldprojekt, First Climate’s partner for the implementation of local conservation measures. The First Climate team used this as a reason for a visit to

Carbon Neutral Event in Nicosia:

EBRD offsets emissions from its Annual Meeting and Business Forum Sustainability is a key topic for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The bank assesses the environmental and social impacts of the projects it finances and actively

Micro loans for new school kitchens in Uganda

First Climate program supports construction of clean and efficient cooking facilities Together with the project partner Impact Carbon, First Climate has developed a program for the modernization of school kitchens in rural Uganda. By setting up a microcredit fund,

First Climate supports Radisson Blu in carbon offset program

Making meetings carbon-neutral The hotel brand Radisson Blu is launching its Blue Planet for Meetings program; by the end of the year, meetings in all Radisson Blu hotels worldwide will be made carbon-neutral using offsets from high-quality climate protection

„How to develop a global green energy procurement strategy?“: Video of the CDP – First Climate webinar now available

In cooperation with the CDP, First Climate CEO Sascha Lafeld gave a presentation on June 1st for the webinar, “Renewable energy solutions for corporates – How to develop a global green energy procurement strategy?” Among other topics, the presentation provided