Assessing Sustainability

An analysis of the baseline is a prerequisite for any attempt at improvement. This is a commonplace and it is also inherent to carbon emissions management: understanding your carbon footprint and the root sources of your emissions is critical to taking appropriate and effective measures to reduce your emissions.

For over 15 years, First Climate has supported hundreds of companies in the development of effective carbon reduction strategies. If you’re wondering how you can improve your business’s environmental credentials and earn the approval of your stakeholders, First Climate can help with tailor-made solutions. Our services include the calculation of carbon footprints.

The scope of a corporate carbon footprint

A carbon footprint is a detailed quantification of of the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from particular activity. In a corporate carbon footprint all business activities are included and measured on an annual basis. It can therefore help to discover and address cost reduction potentials within your company. The carbon footprint should account for:

  • direct emissions from fossil fuel combustion, such as fuel for corporate vehicles or natural gas for water heating
  • indirect emissions from the consumption of electricity
  • indirect emissions from business travel or the use of raw materials

Carbon Footprints with First Climate

The most important requirement for a corporate carbon footprint is that it must be accurate. All carbon footprints completed by First Climate are therefore calculated in accordance with internationally recognized standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the ISO 14064, guaranteeing maximum reliability and integrity.*

In connection with carbon footprints, First Climate also offers a benchmarking service, which helps to make your environmental achievements comparable to that of your competitors. Our benchmarking service is therefore a valuable source of information for future investments and decisions concerning the management of your corporate social responsibility.

Our experts will guide you through the whole process. For this purpose, we provide you with an individualized questionnaire, enabling you to collect all relevant data and submit it to our experts. Based on this information, the First Climate team will take charge and publish a detailed emissions report for your exclusive use.

This is standard procedure as it minimizes your effort: you remain focused on your core business, and we’ll handle the carbon management.


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* Information on the RFI factor applied for carbon footprint calculation:
Plane emissions at high altitude have a more severe impact on global climate than emissions from the combustion of fuel on ground level. For carbon footprints, the RFI factor (Radiative Forcing Index) is used to reflect this. Scientific evidence for the RFI suggests a range of possible values. First Climate uses a factor of 2.7 in line with recommendation by the German Environment Agency (UBA).